Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Build a Highly Available Cloud and Win the World War Against Zombies!

Taking a proactive approach is critical to both ensuring ‘always on' cloud availability and winning the war against zombie hordes. This includes knowing the right way to guard against being taken out by utilizing the right infrastructure, security measures, and experts.

Whether it's the cloud or an attempt to save the world from ravaged zombies, you need to take the right steps to ensure your availability and survival. Today's 24/7 businesses demand it, which requires having the right strategies in place.

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How to Ingest Data into Google BigQuery Using Talend for Big Data

This white paper examines how to effectively feed the elephant – how to ingest data into Google BigQuery using Talend Platform for Big Data and the Google Cloud Platform. Leveraging lessons learned from a major client of Saama Technologies, a Talend partner, includes a deployment architecture for Talend for Big Data on Google Compute Engine.

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The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide (Limited Time Offer, Normally $9.95)

Whether you’re an experienced Chrome user who tinkers with the browser time and again in order to get the most out of it, or a relatively less tech-savvy fan who uses Chrome as a browser of choice. It’s likely you’ll find a lot of new methods in this book. You will also find tricks and tools that will make Chrome work much more efficiently for you.
The value of this book lies not just in what you learn from it, but in how you apply its methods and tips for your own good. Pick the productivity tips that suit you most and are most likely to significantly improve your workflow and start from there.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Your Guide To Pinterest

How many times have you been browsing the internet and come across an image or product you want to remember?  All the time, right?  Whether you find a great gift for someone in your life, a must-have product for your home, a hairstyle you might want to try, or a recipe that sounds delicious, Pinterest is a great way to save, organize, and share the products and ideas you like. Pin your interests.

Back in 2009, Pinterest arrived on the social network scene. Since then, it has attracted over 20 million loyal users. In fact, a recent report by The Social Habit notes that 21% of social media users have a Pinterest account, and that number just keeps on growing. Forbes calls Pinterest the third most popular social networking site (after Facebook and Twitter).

What is it about Pinterest that keeps users signing up and coming back? The combination of a beautiful interface and compelling content is the key to Pinterest’s success. By providing a way for you to save images to a single web page, Pinterest helps users easily organize and share content.

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Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs-- Complimentary Excerpt

Traditional "outbound" marketing methods like cold-calling, email blasts, advertising, and direct mail are increasingly less effective. People are getting better at blocking these interruptions out using Caller ID, spam protection, TiVo, etc. People are now increasingly turning to Google, social media, and blogs to find products and services. Inbound Marketing helps you take advantage of this change by showing you how to get found by customers online.

Inbound Marketing is a how-to guide to getting found via Google, the blogosphere, and social media sites.

    • Improve your rankings in Google to get more traffic
    • Build and promote a blog for your business
    • Grow and nurture a community in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
    • Measure what matters and do more of what works online

The rules of marketing have changed, and your business can benefit from this change. Inbound Marketing shows you how to get found by more prospects already looking for what you have to sell.

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5 Steps to Disaster Preparedness for Business: Keeping Your Business Up and Running -- No Matter What

Based on best practices, industry standards and our experiences with small and medium-sized business, discover the five key steps you need to take to ensure your company is prepared to handle a network disaster.

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The Next Big Customer Experience Trend: One to One Engagement

Has your company embarked on any of the following customer experience initiatives for competitive advantage?
  • Customer journey redesign – re-configuring the end-to-end customer experience
  • Measuring NPS or Customer Effort – re-thinking customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • “One Company” experience – delivering a coordinated, consistent experience across the business
  • Multi-channel communications – adding email, chat, mobile, and social channels to your business
  • Big data customer analytics – seeking customer insights to improve loyalty and revenue
As the strategic impact of customer experience increases, successful organizations are delivering personalized and seamless customer conversations across all channels and company touch points.

Register now for this webinar. Learn how the world's leading companies are driving top line revenue and profits with engaging 1:1 customer experiences. You will also learn:
  • Trends in customer experience and cross channel adoption strategies
  • Benefits of front and back office integration via contact center platforms
  • What you and your teams can do now to prepare for the future

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Is the Cloud Reliable Enough for Business Communications?

Why should you trust the lifeline of your business to the cloud? In the midst of the rush to the cloud, businesses have concerns about bandwidth requirements, reliability and service levels, security, and call quality.

If you share these concerns, including any transition risks, then this webinar will help you to make an educated decision and allow you to uncover best practices in cloud communications.

Join us on September 18, 2013 at 11:00 AM PDT to:
  • Understand the trends driving increased adoption of cloud business communications solutions, with Peter Bernstein, Senior Editor, TMC.
  • Get the inside scoop from David Lachicotte, Director of IT at DMEautomotive. DMEautomotive is an industry leader and RingCentral customer who has successfully transitioned their business communications to the cloud.
  • Learn how cloud communications solutions like RingCentral address the challenges of reliability, security, and scalability from Curtis Peterson, VP of Operations at RingCentral.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Online Meeting Guide: Software and Strategies

The ability to connect and meet with people online means we’re no longer limited by geographical location. Furthermore, countless websites provide us with a wide variety of tools and resources for conducting meetings, planning and executing projects, and reducing the amount of printed paper traditionally needed to get things done.

The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to many of the popularly used, free, or relatively inexpensive, online resources and tools for holding meetings online and working collaboratively on projects, reports, presentations, documents, and the like. MakeUseOf also provides tips and suggestions for how some resources are more useful than others, what you might consider as you make choices about which resources you need for your team or committee.

With this free guide you will also receive daily updates on new cool websites and programs in your email for free courtesy of MakeUseOf. 

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Build a Business Case: Developing Custom Apps

Custom applications deliver significant value and they provide the opportunity to automate unstructured work processes to make the business far more innovative, efficient and competitive.

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