Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013: Year that Dev/Test Goes Hybrid

In today's environment, effective provisioning is as difficult as it is essential. Budgets are tight and schedules shortened, but competition continually demands that enterprises remain nimble and adaptable. Any advantage that allows developers, test engineers, and QA teams to develop, test, and deploy software applications faster can be a competitive differentiator.

When a cloud environment brings these siloed teams together, they can dispense with the long IT procurement phase and become a self-service provider of on-demand infrastructure services - saving both time and money. Mixing in the hybrid solution, they can develop on premise and then, when they're tested and ready, move to a public cloud provider such as AWS.

Topics covered in the discussion:
  • Dev/test as a starting point for dipping into the cloud
  • Having the freedom and agility to choose between public and hybrid cloud
  • Facilitating the use of cloud from an administrative and user perspective
  • The migration to cloud being about people and process as much as it is about technology

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