Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ready for the Rules of Cloud Computing Databases in 2013?

There will never be one database to rule them all, in fact, the database market is shaping up to be much more complex than that, with new databases optimized for specific workloads. Whether you are evaluating databases that are NoSQL, NewSQL, in-memory or in the cloud, they all work, but the technology approaches may differ and so do the delivery models. It's therefore important to understand your requirements and match the right tool for the right job. This webinar will discuss how the database market is changing, and consider the new rules for cloud databases in 2013 and beyond.

Key topics of discussion will include:
  • Importance of the right database for the right job
  • How to integrate with legacy infrastructure while embracing new cloud databases
  • Performance of cloud databases versus existing RDBMS
  • Economics of cloud databases versus existing RDBMS
  • Criteria for management of cloud databases

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